So, yeah

Not much happening on the blogging front, because so much is happening in real life. Grandpa’s farm auction is this weekend, so everyone is gearing up for that (anyone want an antique tractor? We have 30 or so to choose from, in various states of disrepair). My boss has been out of the office at a dam, trying to get some restoration work done before there’s too much snow, so I’ve been doing a bunch of coordination for other projects at work while he’s not here. And then, we are planning on moving across town soon, so there’s been all the home inspections, realtor meetings, thinking about and dreading all the work that will have to get done to get the new place up and running. I’m sure when things work themselves out, there will be more time for more explanations, but til’ then, don’t expect too much from me–March of 2012 is going to keep it’s record of 122 posts/month for now…

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2 responses to “So, yeah

  1. Just hoping you are moving into a one room log cabin with loft and root cellar. And a single-shot 16 gauge over the door, a lever-action rifle over the mantle, and shoot a bear to put a proper rug in front of the fireplace.