Industrial Salsa


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October 13, 2013 · 15:53

11 responses to “Industrial Salsa

  1. I hope that’s not either a galvanized or an aluminum kettle….

  2. Are you preparing for the end of the world? ;-)

  3. There is an internet rule about publishing a food picture-recipe must be included, but for your breach of etiquette, I will settle for a bottle of rum

    • Errrrm… about a bushel of tomatoes, a dozen onions, an insane amount of garlic, maybe… 40 jalapenos? Three or four cups of salt, half cup of pepper maybe, several packets of chilli flakes like you find in Mexican supply stores… couple cups of vinegar…

      An uncle who’s a mechanic and rips the guts out of house heating system boilers to use as a burner, and who chops up old nitrogen tanks to make pots…