SpaceX’s Grasshopper never fails to disappoint me.

Read an article the other day about how SpaceX and Elon Musk are just taking advantage of US taxpayers. To which I reply, fuck you. SpaceX has done more amazing things in the past two years than NASA has since 1979.


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6 responses to “Booyah

  1. Volfram

    Grasshopper cares not for your preconceptions of how rockets work. Grasshopper goes where it pleases.

    Sucker landed right on top of the scorch mark. I challenge ANY KSP player to pull off an abort like that.

    • It didn’t explode, so it obviously needs more boosters.

      • Volfram

        Very few of my KSP creations explode when I don’t want to these days.

        They usually run out of fuel instead.

        • More booster, and if it explodes before it runs out of fuel, then go back and put in more struts.

          • Volfram

            Funny thing. I’ve actually started hitting a law of diminishing returns on boosters, where more actually makes the rocket slower and no amount of Strutting can make it stable.

            It was at this point I decided to try out Asparagus-style staging. A 7-engine Mainsail rocket using orange fuel tanks with no payload can exit the Kerbal system with some fuel still remaining in the last 3 tanks.

          • I made a small-solid only with maybe 6 stages, shaped like an explosive wedding cake, with the last stage a solid rocket with a probe core and various probey bits that I’ve escaped the system with. Great fun.