Still getting hits after all these years

This post.

That, my friends, is how you blog.  And also–wow, I’ve been doing this for a long time.

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8 responses to “Still getting hits after all these years

  1. Ritchie


    Please excuse my brevity, I come from a time when every byte was precious.

  2. Volfram

    “That was a bit slower than usual, Internet, you have let me down.”

  3. kx59

    That’s how it’s done.
    Note to self, figure out how to work “naked teenagers” into title.

    • Volfram

      Write a blog post about giving your kids a bath. “In which I deal with a soaked, screaming, naked teen.”

      Actually, here’s a game! You give me a topic for a blog post and I bet I can work the words “naked” and “teen” into the title. Somehow.

      For bonus points, I can add “screaming.”

      • kx59

        Hell I bet I could put “celebrity side boob shots” in parenthesis behind every post title and vacuum up a ton of google hits.

        • Volfram

          “My experience with naked teens screaming about celebrity side boob shots: an exercise in farming Google hits”