Embrace teh suck


’03 Ford F-150. Eons ahead of my jeep (which, though I loved and miss it, really was a true blue American-made mid-90’s Chrysler POS) in terms of reliability, but I really think that the engineers who designed the engine compartment should be doomed to an eternity of changing the oil filter…

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5 responses to “Embrace teh suck

  1. Started out with the oil filter strap wrench. I don’t know how I was using it before, but this time it sure wasn’t fitting. The oil filter had a bolt head attachment, though, so I thought I would grab the adjustable wrench and just get it off that way. The wrench was too long to get it in a position where I could get any leverage on it. In desperation I tried the channel lock pliers on the off chance that the change in geometry would help me out. No dice. Saying “screw it” I went in to the garage and rooted around for a socket big enough to go on the nut. Unfortunately it was such a big socket that the only ratchet I had that would fit it was also the biggest one there. Saying a silent prayer I went out to see if I could get it to work, I found that I could get one click out of the ratchet before I ran out of room. Slowly, ever so slowly, the filter came undone… releasing it’s load of old gross oil on my head and arms.

    I swear it was easier the last time I did this job…

  2. kx59

    I feel your pain.
    I do hope you only tightened the new oil filter by hand.
    If the filter mounts straight up, punch a hole in the bottom with a screw driver and drain it before you remove it.
    If it mounts horizontally, like my Jeep’s did, it’s a mess regardless of what you do.

    • Tightened by hand this time, and last time. There’s just no room to work with. And yes, it’s horizontally mounted, in a tiny crevice that’s above some of the frame/suspension, so there’s no room to get to it.

  3. my brother is a certified mechanic. He even worked for ford for a number of years. He takes his F-150 in to get the oil changed, so he doesn’t have to deal with it.

    drop a transmission? no problem! change the oil? F*** that!