T… G… I… F…

After getting up at 4:00 this morning (again) to get out to our dam survey, got home and did some irrigating in the field, since our farmer is flaking out on us (again). This involves cleaning out all the trash racks on a half mile of open ditch, since apparently no one else on the road can be bothered to clean up their leaves. It also involves finding big ol’ dead cat carcases (at least, I think it was a cat…) in elbow-deep water (gloves are handsavers, my daddy used to tell me!). Now, running the new sprinkler system in the back yard (FINALLY SOMETHING THAT WORKS) and enjoying a tall glass of gin and tonic and lime and, actually, another little splash of Rumple Minze (goes with everything for a nice refreshing zing!). And looking forward to going down to Grandpa’s place tomorrow to clean out the attic (57 years of accumulation). And looking forward to getting up at 4:00 again on Monday to go out and stand in the sun all day.

Bartender! Bring me another G&T!

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  1. I skipped work to get my blood pressure down, slept an extra half hour, played in the yard with the kids, went for a leisurely drive with the family to get fried clams/shrimp/onion rings/sarsaparilla, hit the bookstore, baked a cake, and worked on a few guns. Now I am drinking a porter and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is fishing and camp-out day.

    I will recreate for you ;)