Here we go

Well, it looks that I am not going to be doing much more than working and sleeping for the next week or two. We have a whole lot of surveying to do at one of out dams, and then we’re going to be breaking out the little drill rig to install some more survey monuments. Which is probably going to involve mixing prodigious amounts of concrete by hand on top of a dam with no shade in 95 degree weather. I’m attempting to get my boss to agree that we should get there really early and work until noon or so, but so far all I’ve gotten him to agree to is to get there really early. So there’s still some room for improvement…

At least I got paid today, which meant that I stopped by the liquor store to get some Cognac and Rumple Minze, because I have a feeling that I’m really, really going to need a lot of stingers in the near future…

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2 responses to “Here we go

  1. Stingers are tasty and I’m going to need a few at the end of this week. Which may end in a three day weekend. Stressed enough I may play hookie Friday.

  2. Meanwhile, it’s looking doubtful that I’m going to get a weekend this week.