Of possible interest to my reader(s)

They guys who made “The Neverhood,” a mainstay of my childhood, are making a new game in similar style, and you can get involved with Kickstarter!

And since I can, here’s the soundtrack to The Neverhood:

The guy who made this is also going to make the music for the new one!

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7 responses to “Of possible interest to my reader(s)

  1. Point and clicks are cool. Claymation is cool. HEY…HO! ska-esque music is cool.

    I approve.

  2. Volfram

    Good luck to them. I do NOT like Kickstarter, and have a policy of trying not to send any money the way of that company.

    • I hope you like The Neverhood, though…

      • Volfram

        Found an interesting LP on YouTube. Prompted me to track down and download “Bump in the Night.”

        The whole “weird claymation world in a void” setting has an appeal to it. Kind of wish I knew where to get more.