But I thought the economy had recovered?


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June 6, 2013 · 07:04

3 responses to “But I thought the economy had recovered?

  1. Volfram

    Well… it would have recovered, if the Socialists in power didn’t keep trying to euthenize it.

    Alan Dean Foster had it right in the 2nd book(I believe) of his Pip and Flinx series. Basically an advertisement of the old adage, “He who rules least rules best.”

    Unfortunately, the Left seems to be under the impression that rulers are supposed to DO SOMETHING! so they constantly meddle in the affairs of the little people, which has the net result of raping and pillaging the little peoples’ success.

    • If you want to, you can do a search of this blog and find many other posts with this general theme. I think it was actually 2008 when the major “economists” first said the economy had recovered, which is kinda funny because that’s when I remember it starting…