Holy Crap

This this this a thousand times this.

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO BE ASKED ON A WEEKLY BASIS “DO YOU PLAY BASKETBALL?” I use the miniature golf joke so much even that’s annoying now.

No, I do not play basketball, I find it idiotic. Airplanes and Toyotas are tied for how sucky they are on my knees. And I have pretty much given up on long sleeve shirts.

You all have no idea how much self restraint I practice, and had better hope that I don’t snap someday.


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8 responses to “Holy Crap

  1. And here’s another one–the last time I went to the doctor, they measured me at 6’4.25″. When people ask “How tall are you?” if I say “Six four” they say, “Really? My [brother/nephew/friend (seriously, every time, pick one)] was six six and you look taller than him.” If I say “Six five” they say “Wow, that’s really tall.” 0_o

    Or when I see someone I haven’t seen for several years, they always say “When are you going to quit growing?” I politely say (EVERY GORRAM TIME) “I stopped growing in High School,” because I did, rather than “when are you going to go and get checked for Alzheimer’s?” like I want to.

  2. Volfram

    As someone who regularly puts up with “Run, Forrest, Run!” I understand what you’re talking to.

    Now that it’s been pointed out, anyway.

    Fun fact: you are taller than Travis Willingham and J. Michael Tatum, both at 6’3″ but you are still shorter than Michael Jordan(6’6″) and Shaquille O’Niel(7’1″)

    So I guess that answers the “do you play basketball?” question. “No, I’m not tall enough.”(likewise, I found out once I am too short to be a model. 5’10” vs minimum height of 6′)

  3. kx59

    Take heart. It could be worse.
    One day it will be, “wow, you’ve really let yourself go. Fat AND gray. Do you bowl?”