On the latest idocy out of Denver


…but that’s just me. I try to avoid that place like the plague.  I hope Mr. Perazzi takes them to court and cleans them out. Two or Three Billion isn’t too much to ask–make sure that they have to keep paying you in installments (with interest!) for the next 50 years.

Fuck Denver.

Added: Apparently this story was a hoax? Or maybe not? Or maybe just a big clusterfuck of conflicting reports, denials of denials, ad absurdum? In any case, I still wouldn’t mind it if anyone of the last name “Perazzi” sued the City of Denver for $3,000,000,000.00.


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7 responses to “On the latest idocy out of Denver

  1. Brother, you’ve got that right! If I have to go to any of the unpleasant parts of Denver, it’s usually a very (very) inexpensive 1911. I won’t even take a J-Frame — it’s way too expensive to risk losing it to the Denver PD.

    The City of Denver wants to be The Chicago of the Rockies and it’s been that way for decades.

  2. I’ll just go ahead and say it: I like Denver. All of the no-fun super-serious hippies like to get their college degree and move to Colorado for reasons and wind up in the Denver area to continue being un-happy super-serious “hippies” out of my hair. This allows me to enjoy the company of older ladies with their kids on the trails talking about fun hippie parent stuff rather than weed an Bush ruining everything. Thank you, Denver.