Dockin’ Like a Boss

Like a Boss

My first successful dock in KSP. YYYYYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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5 responses to “Dockin’ Like a Boss

  1. Volfram

    Now do like Chuck Manley’s IYSS contribution: put the docking ring on the end of a LONG girder, with a science lab at the other end.

    (Hint: don’t do this unless you love frustration.)

  2. I tried the demo version of that program. I couldn’t even get one of the pre-made rockets to launch and gave up.

    • Volfram

      The demo on Steam is a very solid build, and I highly recommend going through the tutorials. If your problem is physics-based, check out some YouTube LPs.

      I downloaded the demo at an earlier build and it was not nearly as smooth as the latest version.

    • Practice makes perfect!