In which it is discovered that my lungs like Algor

So spent yesterday burning off the yard trimmings pile and the ditch and the canal bank (just in time for Earth Day!), and now my lungs, which are flaky in the best of times, have decided that they are all for this whole “limiting carbon emissions” thing, and are showing their support by forcing me to cough up what can only be described as radioactive space slugs.

I’d been doing so well so far this spring, in spite of all the dust and cleaning we’ve been doing at both home and down at Grandpa’s house.  Guess my number’s up, and now it’s time for my yearly spring allergy crash.

But at least the field and yard look nice.

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2 responses to “In which it is discovered that my lungs like Algor

  1. I never hear them talk about radioactive space slugs in the allergy commercials. Probably can’t get over the counter for those.

    • I had to get my (super duper ultra expensive –and prescription– ) space slug immunization shots today. It’s a conspiracy, I say!