Gun Case Questions

It’s a day of blegging, apparently.

Since it appears that I should be doing more gun-and-magazine-locking-upping in the near future, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for easily lockable cases. I would prefer one that could hold more than one rifle at a time, and was a nice sturdy hard case. The plano-esque one that my ORC came with is ok, but firmly on the flimsy side. I was thinking that I should also get a separate lockable box for my OMGEEEEVILLL (but still ok enough to be grandfathered in) over-15-round magazines, just so when Officer Friendly stops you for your burnt out tail light he can’t start jumping to conclusions right away. Something that doesn’t scream “GUNS!!!!” would probably be good.

I was looking at this and this (not affiliated with Amazon or it’s affiliates, and any affiliations are purely in the mind of the FCC or FTC or Effin-whatever-the-hell-your-stupid-government-organizations-who-seem-to-be-obsessed-with-making-our-lives-more-difficult-are-called, merely linked for educational purposes.) A bit rich, maybe, but, as my Uncle says, “It’s only a dollar more to go first class.” And despite the recent stock market run, I have my doubts on the long-term worth of my money, so why not convert it into something useful? Something that might usefully help me stay out of jail for malum prohibitumy things? After all, you wouldn’t want any of your high-velocity rifles to escape, since they can go so fast, apparently.

Wow, that turned kinda ranty there at the end, didn’t it?

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  1. It is hard to go wrong with Pelican, their cases even manage to be pretty EMT resistant.