Gun Blegging

So far all of my efforts to find anything besides a lever action or a $2000 shotgun are fruitless. Even some mild attempts online. So my question to any readers: should I

1) keep on keeping on and not give up on my list of gun wants


2) maybe instead of a gun get some lasergrips for my 642


3) look at upgrading my optics on the ORC to a “real” Eotech or Aimpoint red dot instead of the cheaper Vortex (which I still have no problems with, truth be told)


4) None of the above. Make a suggestion.


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8 responses to “Gun Blegging

  1. You aren’t kicking down doors with the ORC in hand, so you may as well run the Vortex until it explodes to be honest. And a few hundred bucks seems a bit much for grips that will make the revolver bulkier while adding debatable utility and may not feel good unless you can try a demo set first.

    I suggest that this is a fine time to start a little collection of single malt, or a nice tripod for the camera, or a decent moped to ship to a buddy in NH, or order that Cav-15 lower you were considering since they ship in a few days and have a lower in hand before legislation to go with those Pmags, or finish setting up to re-load since 308 is pretty much extinct and even more hilariously expensive than usual (crap, components are gone, nevermind).