The Future

So we went out to the mall to get some travel supplies (you know, tiny things of toothpaste and deodorant), and I stopped in at Cabela’s for a new set of glasses floaters (in case they fall into a lagoon or something, you can find them before the manatees do) since my old pair always seems to disappear right before I need them.  While there I bought a new nalgene bottle because it was in the Bargain Cave (all hail the Bargain Cave! Hail! Hail!).  When we got home, the puppy had decided to jump up to the table and knock my old nalgene on the floor, where she had proceeded to chew the lid off.  So I went to Amazon, and a new lid should be here Thursday, along with some reading material about the history of cocktails in America (Why?  Why not?).

So, to sum up:  The Future!  A place not of hoverboards (two more years to prove me wrong) and aliens, but there is some pretty darn impressive two day shipping options, which can come in handy if you’re in a pinch to have two water bottles!

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6 responses to “The Future

  1. I scored a brace of Sigg bottles at less than half-price at a usually marked-up local science center gift shop last spring. They’ll never replace my beloved iodine scented white Nalgenes, but are more animal resistant.

    And I am going to need the title of this book.

    • Well, the bottle itself was fine, but it had one of the loopy camelbak lids on it, and she just thought that little grey bit sticking off was grand fun. I usually use a white HDPE lid from one of the old nalgenes, but it was in the wash this time.

      The book is “Boozehound: On the Trail of the Rare, the Obscure, and the Overrated in Spirits” and looked entertaining enough. Been on a cocktail kick since I got those orange bitters, doncha know.

  2. The brave new future where the paper I subscribe to really is toilet paper and it comes from Amazon.