A short movie review: Wreck it Ralph

Saw Wreck it Ralph over the weekend, the latest from Disney–if you haven’t seen the trailers then the synopsis would be something like this: Inside the arcade, all the characters of the video games have real lives, and go about their business when the lights go off after closing time. Think, maybe, Toy Story by way of Tron (or vice versa), only without any Real Life People in it to muddle the audience’s emotions. It has so many video game tropes in it, from the hard as nails female leader in the FPS game (with the “most tragic back story ever”) to the ultra-cutesy Japanese chibi characters in the candy-themed Mario Kart analogue. Well paced, well voice-acted, a storyline–or at least, a setting–original enough to keep you invested besides just the gleeful animation… if you have ever in your life enjoyed a video game or an arcade, I would highly recommend it. Heck, I’d recommend it even if you just like a good animated movie every so often. And considering that the review in the paper was written by some Chicago Libtard who is utterly and completely convinced that this movie and the video games behind it are the reasons they have so many gang shootings (no, I am not exaggerating; it really was that bad), you might enjoy it just to piss him off.

9/10, and yes, if I had an excuse, I could be talked in to going to see it again in theaters.

Oh, and can I just say that I heartily approve of the idea of Disney putting little shorts at the beginning of their movies, even if the one opening for Wreck it Ralph was a little bit “meh”?


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3 responses to “A short movie review: Wreck it Ralph

  1. Well then, I may have to consider going to the theater.

  2. Which Chicago libtard? Ebert or Roeper? …or some other Chicago libtard?

    • It was someone else, but I couldn’t find it on line anywhere. Not sure where the paper found it at, or why they chose it out of all of the mostly positive reviews out there.