Screw it.

I’m switching out of shorts and going to pants. Might even tote the XD (against the internet’s advice, as if I cared what it thought). This is the first time in my entire life where the calendar has hit the first day of fall, and the weather has immediately switched to fall (day before, 9 degrees above average, day after, cold and more rain than we’ve had all year).

Of course, if I wear pants it’ll be back to hot dry and sunny, no doubt–c’est la vie.


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2 responses to “Screw it.

  1. It is in the 50s here and I am about to jump into the river. And I carry a 40 Short & Weak leaving the internet to conclude that I have a massive flinch and will fail to get a follow-up shot airborne in time to save my life.

    Sod ‘em, I have hypothermia to flirt with and it is going to be awesome.