To all you drivers of small, fuel efficient cars

Do you realize exactly how much of an idiot you look when you follow me so close I can’t even see you in the mirrors of my big evil pickup truck? I bet your car will get even better gas mileage when your radiator has a big hole punched in it from my trailer hitch and you’re stranded on the side of the road with a angry yet befuddled look on your face.  Meanwhile I won’t even notice that you’ve rear ended me and keep on my merry way.

Cheerfully yours, and please die screaming in a fire (without involving me or my insurance),


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3 responses to “To all you drivers of small, fuel efficient cars

  1. kx59

    When they do that to me while driving the Astro beater van, I long for some bit of road debris which the Astro will clear easily, knowing little putt putt car behind me won’t have time to avoid it, because he’s just a tad too close.

  2. Quizikle

    bump, bump … stuck in the tread