Time to upgrade?

I see that Cabela’s has a deal on a Surefire E2 flashlight, $55 off, putting it into the “hey, I could shell that out for a flashlight that will last forever, can’t I?” territory. All I’ve got right now is a little Streamlight keychain light, which has been great, but takes those little button-cell batteries that, to replace, cost more than a new one, which is tedious…

Perhaps I’ll swing by the store on my way home and scope it out.

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2 responses to “Time to upgrade?

  1. My Fenix “light cannon” is a serious monster light, but mostly resides on the nightstand; I really & truly love the little Streamlight I got a few weeks ago. One AAA, one ounce, pocket clip. I use it daily, even when it’s not dark outside.
    What ever you get, it should use regular, corner store batteries (some # of A’s) for ease in refueling.