Thought for the morning

The only thing I find more annoying* than shaving is having people ask me “Oh, are you growing a beard?”  So if you see that I’m clean-shaven, congratulations, you now know that you’ve annoyed me into submission. I. HOPE. YOU’RE. HAPPY.

*Ok, maybe not the only thing.  This is pretty damn annoying, for example.  But it’s a nice turn of phrase. So there. The only thing I find more annoying than people who get worked up over hyperbole…


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5 responses to “Thought for the morning

  1. I point out my beard is not a fashion statement, but a lifestyle choice. I first grew it when I conveniently “Forgot” my razor on a vacation. When it fully grew in it looked nice so I kept it. Honestly the reason why is my skin gets horribly irritated by shaving. I trim the edges about twice a week…if I do it much more than that my skin looks like a war zone, even with these fancy-pants 127 blade razors and sensitive shaving foam.

    Of course there’s also no harm in embracing secondary sex characteristics!

    • *fistbump*

      I am ulitmately going to end up with a full-time beard for the same reason. My chin bumps up while shaving and makes for fun. The issue is that I need to learn to tame the beard. They come in and get unruly despite my best efforts so I always end up in a clean-shaven spell.


    • Well, it takes me about a month and a half of people asking over and over “Are you growing a beard” before I can honestly say “yes!” and I can’t often make it all the way without clawing my eyes out from irritation at them.

  2. theseriousgun

    I have to stay freshly shaven.