I told Doubletrouble I’d mention this

The other day Doubletrouble told a story about how he used to have a truck that he had to hold the door shut with a length of rope when he went around corners, which reminded me of a story that was in the local news a month or two back. This is the only mention of it that I could find on the interwebs, so you can read that, but I’ll summarize it here while adding some details that that particular article doesn’t mention:

So there was a guy who drove a Chevy Cavalier (strike one). The driver’s side door on this Cavalier didn’t latch (strike two). He was driving with a blood alcohol level of .238, when the legal limit is .08 (strike three). And here is where we go beyond the simple baseball metaphors and into the realm of Calvinball. He was chewing tobacco, and leaned out his [unlatched] door while going around a corner to spit his wad. As he was drunk, and was going too fast around the corner, he fell out of the car, which (being a nonliving object in motion) didn’t really mind that it no longer had a driver, and promptly ran him over and killed him. That must be strikes four through twelve. Or rather, he insulted the pitcher of life, who then proceeded to bean him in the face with a 92 mph fastball.  I’m sure the first law enforcement on scene had a little “What the heck?” going on in the back of their heads.

You can’t fix stupid, but sometimes it fixes itself…


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5 responses to “I told Doubletrouble I’d mention this

  1. BK

    That would make a good NCIS episode… I meant really, come on!

    • Yeah, except it would come on and we would now have it figured out in the first three minutes!

      • BK

        Yeah, that kinda takes all the fun out of it. “Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs! Guess what I found!” -Gibbs stare- “Come on, GUESS! Oh fine. Nobody ran him over! His own truck ran him over!” -Gibbs stare- “See, he was so drunk that when he came around the corner………” Obviously, I watch too much of that show.

  2. There, but for the grace of God….