Books of 2012: John Ringo and the Paladin of Shadows Series

I re-read John Ringo’s Military Thriller/BDSM Porn (really–it’s much more descriptive than you might be expecting) Kildar series, skipping the first one because I don’t like it, Kildar, Choosers of the Slain, Unto the Breach, and Deeper Blue.  They’re a pretty quick read if you skip all of the OH JOHN RINGO NO! stuff, and pretty entertaining.  You can read any of those links for more descriptions of the actual books, but for now I would just like to add that, like many of John Ringo’s series, this one starts very strong but seems to overstay it’s welcome as you progress into the last book.  It just seems rushed, like it could have used another few months of brainstorming and editing to get a better story. There is still plenty to like about them, but that’s just something to be aware of.

I’d rate the series as a 7/10 for the civ builder and action parts.  The sex parts, well, I guess that just depends on how you feel about such things.

And I swear the only thing longer than the list of books I need to read is the list of books I need to write a post about…


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2 responses to “Books of 2012: John Ringo and the Paladin of Shadows Series

  1. I am caught completely flat-foot that you read Ringo…

    Granted, I genuinely enjoyed Naked Lunch. You get Ringo hyper-sexualized insanity, I get incoherent Burroughs high on morphine.

    • I started reading him with the prince roger series and when the very first Posleen war book came out. Picked up Ghost from thee library because I saw Ringo on the cover… it genuinely sucked, but after Ringo got the worst of his demons burnt out with it, the others have enough good stuff that they’re worth picking through.