On Commenting

This is up there on one of the header pages, but I thought I would post it for really down here in case you missed it.

I have the commenting set up so that the first comment you post has to be approved, but after that you will be free to do your thing with no more strange rituals to decode any word verifications.

In general I should be able to get to approve them very quickly, but on occasion it may take a little while.

Also, the spam trap is set up to stop anyone who has more than 3 links in a comment–if you are legitimate and have more than that, I will hopefully catch it and approve it.

One last thing, those of you who don’t like the automatically generated avatar, you can go to gravatar.com and set it up so you have your own thing. Just FYI.

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3 responses to “On Commenting

  1. Not only am I Butch once again, but I get my knife-wielding Tommy avatar back!

  2. BobG

    Looks good.