Worthy Alternative?

Well, I’ve been slowly messing around with WordPress for a while now, tweaking it to get it where I think it’s bearable.  WordPress does some neat things, better than Blogger, but then, it has some serious issues in other areas.  But the way that Google seems to be running ramshod over everything they are connected with, the time of change may come sooner rather than later.  This CAPTCHA thing is something that I have a severe hatred for, but that seems to be the only option on Blogger anymore.  That may be the straw…  but really it would be prudent to diversify my internet presence, rather than having everything on one password.

As of right now I AM NOT switching over, but I am curious to see what you other people think about it:


The comment moderation over there is set up (I think) so that your first comment has to be approved by me, but after that you are good to go.  You can leave a comment over there, or probably preferably for now over here.  In this case more so than others I would love to hear from you–anyone out there have a particular hatred for WordPress?  Do you just love the way the blogroll is organized on Blogger, but think it’s too much on the other one?  I want to know.

And, as Butch suggested to me, if you click to over there, and then click back to over here from there, maybe we can get a tear in the time-space continuum going and invent perpetual motion.  That would be cool too.

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4 responses to “Worthy Alternative?

  1. well, keeping in mind that I have control issues (as in, if I can't control it I'm not happy, I don't HAVE to control it, I just have to be ABLE to), I didn't care for the wordpress.com setup. The fact that I have to pay $30 a year to play with the CSS ANNOYS THE HECK out of me. If I'm gonna pay, then I'm gonna do my own hosting dammit. It also took a week for their tech support to get back to me about the fact that WordPress.com wouldn't import my posts right from Blogger, by which time I'd figured it out myself.Could I use it if I decided I couldn't afford hosting? Yah, it'd annoy me though, especially now that I found a place with a very inexpensive "blog hosing plan".BTW, in order to turn off the word verification you have to revert your Blogger interface to the old one, change the setting, then change back to the new one. Makes me wonder what ELSE they're getting rid of the options for….

  2. And the hosting thing is something else that I suppose I should look into, though that opens a whole nother can of worms…

  3. Can't say I have experienced Blogger from the inside, but recently it's been a pain to comment from the outside.I've been with WordPress – both .com and .org – for a few years now and haven't had the slightest reason to consider switching.Results may vary…Q

  4. Captcha Sucks. End of story. I think I'm just going to turn WV off. Seriously, that might be the straw.