Has anyone else noticed this recently?

My sitemeter statistics are showing that googlebot is on a mad tear through my blog. Usually I get a couple hits a week, but I’d say in the past 5 days a good 20% of my traffic is actually googlebot. Just wondering if it’s just me, or if anyone else is noticing that too.

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8 responses to “Has anyone else noticed this recently?

  1. I got nailed by Google really hard the other day. And most of the inbound searches for the past week and a half have been coming in packs of 5-7 of the same term. And the terms have made more sense than usual, as well.

  2. There have been lots of google bots, now that you say that…..

  3. I see lots of referrals from Google, all for a silly post I had of Dr. Evil, but not bots so far.I guess I'm unpopular…

  4. Yeah, but I;m not talking about just google hits, but googlebot hits.

  5. Derp. I had a spike of those one day, but it quieted back down.

  6. Just checked here again, and they're still going strong.

  7. I'm getting them too.I think it has something to do with that Google bundling going on.Or- maybe it's Google's way to make-up for f*cking up the ability to add more blogs to my blogroll…..Nahhhh

  8. Oh great, are they messing that up too? I need to update mine soon; if it doesn't go well I may make the jump to WP after all…