Photodump for yesterday: Grand Mesa

We had real good timing with this, last weekend was “Color Sunday,” where everyone goes up on top of the Grand Mesa to look at the changing colors. Being just a few days behind was probably even better.

The top of the Mesa is above 10,000 feet; it was kinda freaking out my Montana friend that we were higher than the tallest peaks in Glacier NP but didn’t feel like we were on top of a mountain (until you get to the edge and look down).

Today we’re planning on hitting up the local museum in the morning and then hitting the road down to Ouray to go camping for a couple nights. So, just so I don’t wind up like that moron from North Carolina who followed Aaron Ralston’s lead, we’re going to Ouray, and if you don’t hear back from from me by, say, Monday, then it’s time to start the search parties.

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3 responses to “Photodump for yesterday: Grand Mesa

  1. Pam

    The aspens just leave me in awe…I've never been able to come visit while they are changing colors! Someday I'll make it out there in the early fall. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. It is the perfect time of the year for this type of stuff.

  3. You jerk, I won't be able to take off camping until next summer.Anyway, you do live in a beautiful area. Glad to see you appreciating it.