I know this is wrong

To be blogging while in the mountains, but I’ve got three bars and I just have to let you know that we’re pretty sure a mountain lion was trying to sneak up behind us while we were sitting at the campfire just now. At least, it was some sort of large critter with a white face and forward facing eyes… so between me and my friend else we’ve got three guns, an axe, and a big D-cell mag light… but we were in tents…

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3 responses to “I know this is wrong

  1. Pam

    Sleep with your sneakers on so you can run fast :)

  2. Probably just some snoop from the federal government.

  3. Probably just wanted to give you a wedgie.At any rate, slip a piece of bacon in your buddy's blanket roll. Buy yourself some time to shoot the bugger while he bravely keeps its teeth occupied.