Salsa-maker’s motto

When chopping chillies and peppers: “I will not rub my eyes! I will not rub my nose! Will not rub my eyes! I will not rub my nose!” etc.

Unless you like that burning sensation…

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4 responses to “Salsa-maker’s motto

  1. Was making salsa with Jack once when he rubbed his eyes and scratched his ear. The only thing that didn't burn was his butt, and he fixed that a little while later. Now when I offer him gloves he listens.

  2. About the only thing as bad is getting your hands around your face after grating fresh horseradish root.

  3. When thou makest salsa, thou shalt remember to wash thine hands BEFORE using the men's room.

  4. Maybe we should come up with the 10-Commandments of Salsa Making?