A Short Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

An excellent summer blockbuster–with cowboys and aliens in it!  The cowboy bits are solidly western–the gruff mean old guy who turns out to be ok, the man with no name, the Indian sidekick–and the alien bits are entertainingly sci-fi-y–abductions, probing, lasers–and it all comes together surprisingly well.  The production values for the aliens and the ships are off the scale, and there are tons of good ol’ single action revolvers.  Really, the worst part about it is the cognitive dissonance of seeing James Bond as a cowboy–Daniel Craig does a fine job but you just have to work through it in your brain.

The best movie I’ve seen in theaters all year (though that’s not saying much–the others were Sucker Punch and Thor).  Well worth my $8.50 matinee ticket, and probably even worth the 11 bucks for an evening one.  I would even be willing to see it in theaters again, which is certainly saying something.

Oh, and at the end, all I could think was “I really want to see what Thomas Edison and/or Nikola Tesla are going to do with all those bits of alien technology just laying around…”

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2 responses to “A Short Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

  1. Yep!! The aliens were icky, gross, evil and slimy. Perfect villains!

  2. I saw it this past weekend. Pretty good flik. I'd like to see the unedited director's cut I think though. There was a scene that seemed disjointed near the climax of the movie. It wasn't essential to the plot, but they showed it several times, and I kept expecting a certain thing to happen, and it never did. The build up to an expected event just disappeared.(purposefully being vague so as to not spoil anything for anybody)The body size of the aliens seemed completely out of scale with their flying machines as well. As I'm watching, I'm thinking, there's no way that hulking thing could fit inside that fuselage.