Books of 2011: Tolkien

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but I assure you that I have been reading.  I actually finished these books a couple months ago, but I guess I was lazy and didn’t feel like writing about them.  Actually, I still feel a little lazy, so don’t expect too much.

The Lord of the Rings. We watched the movies, so I had to re-read the books.  Had to.  Started with “The Hobbit,” then progressed through “The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Two Towers,” and “The Return of the King.”  What can I say about this granddaddy (or at least granduncle) of modern fantasy epics?  If you haven’t read it, you probably aren’t on the internet to read my blog.

Though maybe a bit slow to modern tastes, it’s good, it’s engrossing, it has amazing world building, and I still can’t get over how they left out the ending in the movies.

I give the four books a collective 9.5/10

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3 responses to “Books of 2011: Tolkien

  1. I adore The Hobbit, but I could never get into the others. Does that count?I've read the whole Hitchhiker's Guide series, though.

  2. I've read The Hobbit & TLOTR book's several time's as well, each time I understood them a bit better. Tolkien did other work's as well but none anywhere near as good. He was a bit like C.S. Lewis with hidden meaning's and religious overtones veiled within the narrative.

  3. Man, you increase your vocabulary reading those.However, I think that the story line of temptation, weakness, and redemption makes the trilogy the greatest work of literature in the English language of the 20th Century.