Wait, you said there was a plan?

After the vehicle escapades, which caused undue stress on my mother, the oven went out on Monday, in the midst of cooking a chicken, in the same manner it did just a year ago, causing even more undue stress. With my mother, me, my brother, another college friend who is staying with us for the holidays, and my brother’s girlfriend visiting, we needed a new oven now.

So yesterday I spent looking at ovens with my mother. After another stressful day running all over creation, we finally found “the one” at the local Buy More equivalent. Which of course made us feel terrible, for after talking to the super nice salesmen at the other stores who were trying to move the earth for us, we found “the one” in stock at the store whose salespeople are… bored highschoolers. But it was “the one,” and product trumps…

Then, after getting home, my mother decided to make smoothies. The blender exploded, complete with little pieces of plastic falling out of the thing. You can’t win, huh?

So today we are going to go up into the mountains for a day of rest and relaxation, to one of my favorite places on earth. We’ll pick up my truck from my uncle on the way, and hopefully avoid any more incidents.

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4 responses to “Wait, you said there was a plan?

  1. Damn – when it rains, it rains acid!Good luck and hope you have an enjoyable trip in the mountains. That sounds pretty good to me right now!

  2. Have fun in the mountains. We've had similar luck recently, decided that appliances now seem to be disposable.

  3. Sounds like an opportunity to get a BlendTec!… Yeah, I wish. Still, you could shove the old one in the new one, and…

  4. Maybe your mom should stay away from firearms for a day or two. Just sayin'.