The plan continues…

As I alluded to yesterday, I got that truck from my uncle.  In exchange for a ridiculously underbook amount of money and “a percentage of your first job’s paycheck,” this appears to be my next ride.

It’s an early 2000’s Ford F-150.  Sad to say, but all my years of dissing on Fords appears to have come back to bite me.  (By the way, did you know that Jesus was a Ford man?  Yeah, he walked everywhere he went. Ba-dum-chhhh!)  But it’s a super nice ride that is actually comfortable for me and my long legs–even the jeep was almost too small. And don’t get me started on Japanese cars…

It’s a running joke that everyone in my family is doomed to a white car, and it appears that I am to be no exception.  Any recommendations for cool bumper stickers so I can find it in the parking lot?

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3 responses to “The plan continues…

  1. I'm partial to "Nuke A Gay Whale For Jesus" myself. …or…"Hug A Lumberjack, You'll Never Go Back To Trees."

  2. How about "nothing in this vehicle is worth your life"?

  3. "Insured by Springfield Armory"?