Yesterday, I was given about 30 pounds of meat, probably two-thirds of it home-grown bacon, and most of the rest in deer sausage. What am I going to do with 20 pounds of bacon? Seriously, I’m taking suggestions. I’m contemplating bacon and eggs for breakfast and BLT’s for lunch for the next year, but that might get a little old.

That’s after I stuffed most of it into the freezer.
It’s about 1/4″ thick!
On a related note, I love my ranch friends.  And their attempts at dieting.
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9 responses to “MEAT!

  1. A classmate of mine tagged a boar in Canada with his bow. The belly was promptly sent to a smoke house to be turned to smoky, salty mana. Best bacon ever.

  2. This was a 4-H hog. Not only did I have bacon for breakfast, but I had a BLT for supper. And then I had to take another package out of the freezer so I can have some for breakfast…

  3. Sounds like you need to upgrade your freezer!

  4. Is the problem freezer space or being short on recipe ideas?When short on freezer space if you have a north facing window that's well off the ground (out of reach of the wild animals of your area)you could hang it from the window in a durable bag and it should stay frozen at this time of year in MT.For recipes, start through Brigid's recipe list and try all the ones that use bacon.

  5. Brigid! Of course! I'm saved!

  6. If all else fails you can share the wealth with some friends around campus.My freshman year in college a friend offered her kitchen and culinary skills in return for a share of the pheasants that I was shooting on weekends. It was sad that she already had a serious boyfriend.

  7. I already gave enough bacon to my neighbors to make them go "WHOA" like Keanu Reeves at his best, and that wasn't even enough to make a noticeable dent.

  8. Brigid's latest post gives you something to use the bacon grease for. Don't get too carried away I would guess you have finals coming up soon. The bacon will keep quite a long while in the freezer if it's properly wrapped.

  9. Hmmm… yes… my roommate has been meaning to make cookies for a long while (don't ask), but he can never get around to it. Perhaps I will beat him to the punch with bacon-grease cookies!