Why In the World?

While in the computer lab right now, I saw a girl walk by wearing a backless dress.  Why in the world would you wear a backless dress to school?  I mean, this is pretty much redneck/trailer park country–the people of the city call themselves “Rats” and are proud of it.  It’s a “dry campus” (yeah right), so I know there are no cocktail parties going on.  I think all you would get out of it is a cold back…


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3 responses to “Why In the World?

  1. Girls of barely legal age in inappropriate attire are one of the major reasons for GOING to collage.Heck, made me almost be a professor just so I could hang around campus and ogle.

  2. Yeah, I get that… I'm just thinking from the girl's perspective. She didn't look provocative–she just looked cold.

  3. Maybe she wanted to bring sexy back…