Epic Music

This whole shtick started with Rob, when he posted a music video by the Quemists. Intrigued, I went to pandora and made a channel devoted to that type of music. Eventually, the band Infected Mushroom came on, at which point I was spending so much time on youtube clicking on their music that I broke down and bought the album Viscous Delicious. This way I can listen to it without the browser open, which is helpful also to keep me on track with homework.

I present to you the most epic song on the album: Heavyweight.

Electronic music may not be the thing for everyone, but I enjoy it. Probably too much…

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2 responses to “Epic Music

  1. Errr, nyet.Made it through 57 seconds, though.To each his own…

  2. Yeah… I have pretty ecclectic music tastes. They're all over the place. If you click the music label you can see what I mean.