I Visited the New Cabela’s!

Yesterday me and my brother went to see the new Cabela’s in town (FINALLY).

The outside:

That’s my brother in the yellow shirt.

The inside:

 I looked at the guns and dreamed.  My one goal for the summer is to take a concealed handgun class and get a good pistol.  Speaking of pistols, anyone got any recommendations?  I like the LCP just because it is so small and I could keep it in my pocket, but I can’t help but think it is too small.  I have also been looking at the Ruger SR9c and the Springfield XD sub-compact, but you know that 9mm is .45 set to stun.  But then a .45 caliber handgun is bigger than what I want to carry everyday…

In the gun library they had an 1860 Henry lever action rifle worth $46,000.

And here is a picture of a t-shirt that appealed me:


I didn’t get anything (this time), but my brother got a beefy leather belt that will last him ’till he’s 86.  It was fun.  I’ll probably go back at least once a week… this isn’t good for my pocketbook.

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3 responses to “I Visited the New Cabela’s!

  1. I love, love, love my Springfield XD. 9 mm. 16 + 1. I'm still such a n00b, but it puts the projectiles right where I want them to go. I like the grip and trigger safeties (so I don't have to remember to flip anything on or off). YMMV.Shorter Half likes it so much, he wants one in .45 and he's a 1911 guy.

  2. +1 for the Springfield. Check.

  3. +2 if you count Shorter Half. Or, +1.5. *grin*