On Toyota

Well, I must admit that I am no fan of Toyota vehicles–I can never fit in them.  Being 6’4″ ish, and most of that legs, the only cars I can ever seem to fit in are American.  All the foreign cars I have ever sat in, from Germany to Japan, were never comfortable.  So the reputation of indestructibility that Toyotas have has never mattered to me.  The big thing about the current huge recall that gets my attention is the model years that are on list–some going back all the way to 2005. Apparently, they have been aware of the problem–worn out floor mats (a simplification, but really, that is the gist of it)–since last October.  Like many auto recalls, I wonder how dangerous the problem is, if it has been around for so long.  I guess it’s some tightrope act, balancinng the image of your company between “They aren’t doing anything about this problem!” and “Why in the world did they recall so many?”  This seems like a so many example to me.

Then, of course, there is the remarkably bad timing.  Toyota just became the world’s top automaker, then the economy fell over, then this recall.  I bet Ford is laughing with glee.

Here’s the WSJ article if anyone is interested.

Update:  Step right up, folks, and watch as it falls!

A further 2 million in Europe would take the total to 8 million, almost the same as its group global sales last year.


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2 responses to “On Toyota

  1. I have the same problem fitting into vehicles, and I'm only 6'. Back in a previous life (1987, it was), the household went small truck shopping. I fit in the Mazda and the Mitsubishi. Nothing else. At least that made the selection process a little easier.

  2. You want to reward quality with your money, but it is hard when the quality…um…isn't good enough.